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Most toilet brush holders take up an unreasonable amount of space. With this compact, stylish, and cleverly designed toilet brush holder from Umbra, this will become a non-issue. Introducing the TOUCH Toilet Brush Holder by Umbra. Thanks to its compact size, 3½ dia. x 17½ inches (8.9 dia. x 44.5 cm) and clean, curved, lines that are pleasing to the eye, yet unobtrusive, the TOUCH Toilet Brush holder remains discreet while tucked away beside your toilet. TOUCH is made of a matte, soft-touch molded material, which is easy to clean, and highly durable. The finish is delicate and smooth to the touch, plus it looks good. Included with the holder is a sleek brush featuring a chrome handle. Bristle head refills are available for purchase. TOUCH has a weighted base meaning it won’t topple over, remaining stable as you take away and put back the brush. Part of the TOUCH Bath Collection. Part of a wider collection of bath products, all designed by Alan Wisniewski, TOUCH’s molded material is low-risk for breakage. Other

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