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Washrooms tight on storage are often in need of clever space-saving solutions with small footprints. Toilet paper rolls, particularly, take up a lot of space, and finding the right dispenser can often be tricky. With this clever 2-in-1 storage and dispenser from Umbra, you can maximize storage using vertical space and both store and dispense your toilet paper rolls. Introducing TUCAN Toilet Paper Stand and Reserve by Umbra. TUCAN toilet paper stand is a freestanding toilet paper stand with an integrated reserve for storing toilet paper rolls. Using often underutilized vertical square footage, while maintaining a small footprint, TUCAN holds five toilet paper rolls and dispenses one. This toilet paper stand and reserve has a dispensing head that flips up and down, flip it up to load and grab your toilet paper rolls and flip is down to dispense toilet paper rolls. Featuring clean lines with a smooth, brushed nickel finish, TUCAN has a weighted base to prevent it from toppling over and is easy to maintain, simpl

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