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Looking to make cleaning your shower less of a chore? Umbra can help! Introducing BUDDY Squeegee by Umbra. The BUDDY Squeegee is a fun twist on a tedious task; the creativity of its design makes the process more enjoyable. This product is a member of Umbra’s vast BUDDY collection, incorporating the molded figure into many other functional houseware products. Keep Your Shower Sparkling. Constructed with features like durable, white polypropylene, anti-rust technology, and a streak-free rubber blade, this product maximizes efficiency and practicality. BUDDY, measured at 10.5 x 6.25 x 2 inch (26.7 x 15.9 x 5.1 cm), is designed to be compact and practical, amplified by its suction hook on the back to easily hang the product. Created by Sung wook Park and Alan Wisniewski, BUDDY cleans glass surfaces and wipes away fog, in addition to removing any general buildups on shower walls.

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